Raspberry Pi4 4GB and Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS ARM64

I was trying to see if there was better OS for Pi4. I’ve been using RaspberryOS, they have a beta 64 bit version with a pretty long bug list. So I thought I’d give Ubuntu a try and see if it would be good for day to day use.

My initial impression is it’s soooo sloooowwww. The apt update and apt upgrade process took much longer than I’ve seen before on a Pi, including the Pi2b I started with in 2014. Installing cups and hplip to run a print server was a test of patience. Docker was much slower than on RaspberryOS.

I was rather hoping this would work out because there looked to be lower learning curve coming from RaspberryOS. I’m going to look at Apline next. They also support ARM64. And it has smaller footprint.


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