The less we see you, the more we like you…

This morning’s news reported that each time Mitt Romney repeats that he won’t run for president his poll numbers improve. I’d maintain this is no coincidence. The less likely it is that we’ll be seeing Willard, the more the public likes it.

It’s Sisig!

OMG, there’s finally a place in North Tampa that does Filipino food!

PAO Cafe

The same people that still run PAO Food Truck now have a brick and mortar location. Now if I have a hankering for Sisig I don’t have to pester the wife into gathering the ingredients and doing the cooking. The ingredients aren’t found at the local Publix and the prep does take some time. We’re soooo gonna try this place.

I would like to say they must be kidding…

When religious leaders run things this is the kind of rampant douchebaggery you get:

Iran’s state broadcaster, known as Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, IRIB, has never been the country’s most dignified institution. But even by its own standards, the network plunged into a fresh abyss of superstition and fear-mongering with a recent broadcast in which Valiollah Naghipourfar, a cleric and professor at Tehran University, discusses the use of jinns, or genies, in public life.

“Can jinns be put to use in intelligence gathering?” the presenter asks ingenuously, as though dragons can also serve as defense ministers and we’ve all entered the realm of the Hobbit.

via Iran Cleric: Jews Use Sorcery to Spy – The Daily Beast.

It’s Fourth of Juluau!

The Mrs is currently out buying pork for Hawaiian BBQ pulled pork. Next will be Rum and Tequila for tropical drinks. It’s on baby!