Porsches, Potholes and Patriots – NYTimes.com

Kristof on why we should be willing to spend more in infrastructure: Because it will save us all money! In New Jersey, the gas tax hasn’t been increased since 1992, and two-thirds of the roads are now evaluated as in poor or mediocre condition. The upshot, one study found, is that the average motorist spends […]

Wider impact of Hobby Lobby ruling? : SCOTUSblog

For those who claim this is a narrow ruling an unlikely to be expanded. The court ordered review of 3 cases, all of which object to any contraceptive services. 5 old catholic men just gave carte blanche to slamming the door on basic health care. Cases ordered reconsidered in appeals courts: Autocam Corp. v. Burwell. The […]

We need to look at this

Prisons are terrible, and there’s finally a way to get rid of them Prisons are huge drain of society families and budgets on all levels of government. We’re a world leader in incarcerating our own people. It’s a horrible waste of lives and treasure.

Sophia’s Art Exhibit

  Definitely a proud daddy moment. Sophia had her picture selected for display at the John F. Germany Public Library in Tampa. It was selected as the best work by a first grader in Hillsborough County School System, the eighth largest in the country. That’s out of  about 2000 first graders in the system. Go Sophia!

Tonight’s Latin Meets Filipino Menu

We’re doing some cooking for company tonight: Cuban Mojo Pork – Marinated since Tuesday in mojo. Bicol Express – That’s a good recipe, but the wife has her own take, plus we can’t get proper Siling Tagalog (Filipino finger peppers) so we go with Thai chilis, just less of them because they are rather hot. Spring Rolls – […]